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Unthinkable Problems
People react to problems in one of two ways;
we either try to avoid them or go about
fixing them. The latter has resulted in all of
mankinds greatest achievements. But the
former, problems we avoid, tend to gain
strength. These problems smother the
human spirit and muddle our propensity to
sustain or advance. They’re killers.
We get into habits of putting up with certain
problems and believing nothing can be done.
They become unthinkable. So to begin, let’s
just think about a few unthinkable problems
which a lot of folks have pretty much given
up on. Be forewarned this is a bit of a
depressing read which of course makes it all
the more worthwhile.
Even though it’s illegal, our home, work and mobile phones still ring with unwanted
telemarketing calls from abrasive strangers. Or worse, in many countries, it’s allowed by
law. For instance, in the U.S., there’s absolutely nothing stopping any political campaigner,
survey taker, charity raiser, bill collector or anyone you’ve done business with from calling
you. They all have the right to harass everyone, by law.
Even fax machines have been reduced to free printing presses for unwanted ads forcing
people to feed them with expensive inks and reams of paper at their own costs. And now
unwanted text messages, pics and vids from unknown senders show up on our cell phones
24/7. There’s no end to the onslaught of dirty marketing tactics used against us as we
simply try to live our lives. Technology is being used against us, instead of by us.
We also have the pleasure of receiving spam, some with highly destructive viruses. Spam is
the equally irritating, invasive, illegal, dangerous and often more disgusting electronic
version of good old junk mail. And who could justify nearly half of all junk mail (6 million
tons in the US annually) is thrown away without even being read? It’s nuts, always has
Yet our mail boxes have brimmed with these wasteful and unwanted items for about 150
years. Now we receive thick paper catalogs and stomach turning plastic trash like CDs and
various samples of junk we don’t want. Then there’s all the bills, coupons and bogus offers
which can’t be opted out of. We’ve put up with these issues for far too long.
And as a new twist, there’s thousands of what we refer to as free Providers which lure us
into their webs for free then blast us with ads from every direction. Or worse, paid services
do it too. They make millions and billions, on products, service fees and ad revenues while
we bear the real costs of valuable time/energy spent and peaceable enjoyment lost on their
senseless annoyances and aggravations.
Our very existence is a juggernaut amongst virtual walls of visual/audio media and highly
sophisticated marketing designed to entrance us into allowing extraction of our money.
Advertising is nothing new but todays’ intensity and brashness is a hundred fold. We’ve
become lambs for the slaughter and it’s definitely not going to get better if we fail to act.
In the US, the average child views 20,000 commercials a year and adults spend at least an
hour per day viewing ads on the internet, TV and mobile devices. Not to mention all the
print ads and radio slots everyone is subjected to. That should make everyones skin crawl.
It’s even become common place, legal and eerily acceptable for companies to mine our
virtual souls for private, personal information. They sell this personal history and info to
the highest bidders who target us with unfairly calculative, manipulative ads or worse, they
sell it to our governments which of course are using our money to do so.
Do your homework and you’ll find the US government has used the money of its citizens to
do incredibly sophisticated and highly invasive surveillance upon its people via online giants
such as FaceBook and Google. Both of whom were funded and organized by the CIA.
Therefore, not only are we profitable as paying customers and/or valuable assets for
generating almighty ad revenues to such companies, to top it off, our virtual souls are
saleable products and the all seeing eye now has access to our innermost personal activities.
This is what we get from using their free networks & services. That’s not “FREE”!
People are so used to being exposed to these kind of acts that we’re getting numbed into
submission, one slight at a time. And worse yet is the incredibly disrespectful and
destructive nature of the problem to society as a whole. This is the psyche of civilization
they’re messing with. The world “Ugh” sums it up quite succinctly, yet on we go!
Beginning as children we’re all worn down with calculated precision and taught to serve an
army of corporate monetary gluttons. When one stops to realize how insane things really
are, it can be downright depressing, or infuriating. We like the energy of the latter.
The above are just a few examples from a list of outrageous slights that grow in numbers,
venues & intensity as time goes on. Things get really egregious in other areas of our lives
both large and small. If one were to make a list of all the crappy stuff that happens day in
and day out, it would be really, really, really long or might we say, endless.
For instance; have you ever wondered why every electronic item has a different battery,
special charger or unique cord? Why did it take 20 years to come up with a common
connector for all mobile devices? Every electronic item should have used standard sized
batteries and universal cords instead of a special shaped custom units that don’t work as
well, get lost, cost 10 times as much and are often impossible to find! It’s all for money.
And why does every piece of equipment, vehicle or appliance have hundreds if not
thousands of parts that perform the same old functions equally well but don’t cross fit in
other models and brands? Then, these proprietary, modified parts sometimes cost nearly
as much as the entire original item is worth. Even if these are minor things, it’s still insane.
And what happened to incredibly perfect and non poisonous, glass bottles/Jars? Take a
look in your shopping market and watch this highly dependable, safe, eco friendly, reusable
packaging make like a dinosaur and disappear. Did someone ask you your preference?
Then there’s all the cheap plastic rubbish, it’s everywhere. And not just small trinkets,
we’ve got 1,000s of cargo ship loads of stuff like picnic tables, chairs, swing/play sets,
kayaks, canoes, furniture, garden sheds, canopies, car ports and all sorts of worthless junk
shipping all around the globe every minute of every day. Of course no one expects any of it
to last more than a few years before being thrown out which of course is desired by those
who sell such products. This is the height of modern economics and capitalism gone bad.
The obvious trouble with most of the cheap, plastic knock off stuff is that buying the real
thing which you could truly enjoy owning for maybe 50 years instead of 5 would usually
only cost something like 10% or 20% more. Simple math clearly shows that purchasing and
enjoying the use of any real Mcoy can easily equate to up to 2,000% in savings. Not to
mention it would all likely be made in the same county as it’s sold which means less fuel
spent and jobs lost! Oh sure, it’s everybodys fault for buying the stuff but who let all this
refuse get through the door in the first place? Where do we go to learn and vote on simple
stuff like this, the little stuff that matters?
This wacky stupidity goes on, and on, and on. In the end we pay crazy amounts of money
and waste vast amounts of valuable, often irreplaceable, resources on totally unnecessary
junk. All so huge corporations and the greedy leaches who run or invest in them can bloat
their way into oblivion. We are well trained human consumers, indeed.
Unfortunately it’s not just our wallets and sanity at risk, our planet and all the living things
we share it with are taking the hit too. There’s a lot of very cool things disappearing
before our eyes all of which are irreplaceable. In fact we are now experiencing the largest
mass extinction in 65 million years with over 200 species per day being forever deleted
from planet earth when the normal rate is only 100 per year. On top of that, much of the
world has become a trash pit of waste and toxins that all end up back on our dinner tables,
in our water and air. The truth is we’re killing ourselves and everything else due to
widespread ignorance, denial or in many cases the simple inability to organize and act.
Even if such issues don’t rank high on your list, you still have to ask the question “what for”?
Why are we doing things the way we are? Are we really that stupid, uncaring and self
destructive? It’s understandable that many people simply don’t have the ability to
understand or visualize the future. But in this world of information there’s no excuse for
burying one’s head in the sand, everyone needs to grasp the basics of what’s happening to
our world. And if they’re not willing to do that much they should error towards the side of
caution in all matters critical to our future.
The truth is that the world and people are being used and abused in some of the most
calculative and manipulative manners ever imagined. Just look at the mess banks and
insurance companies have made. And over the course of just two years from 08 to 10 while
everyday people to suffered with the recession which these wonderful masters of finance
created, their rates of pay skyrocketed over 500%. The truth is that we’ve all been
defrauded and it seems that no one can do anything about it.
Sadly, those who use these methods find gluttonous success while everything and
everyone else pays the price. It’s also why the title of this page applies so well. We’re a
decade into the 21st century, a time anticipated by most to be an age of wisdom and
change. Yet day in and day out we deal with some of the most blatantly immoral, goodwill
killing problems ever encountered. Who then can be proud of humanity as a whole?
Each and every one of us are subjected to random hate, slights & disrespect doled out by
huge money grubbing corporations and their political pals on a daily basis. They only want
insane amounts of money and monstrous power over everyone and they use incredibly
devious practices to get it, all in the name of avarice and greed.
A frightening realization comes in the form of a lesson that every parent knows well,
children mirror their peers and are very much products of their environments. The
problem is that we are all children, no matter how old we get, humans continually adapt
and often mirror whatever they’re subjected to.
Victims of rape often become rapists, theft - thieves, abuse - abusers, deceit - deceivers,
manipulated - manipulators and etc. Big Brother, Big Biz and Big Media are in great part
our peers and shapers of our individual beliefs and ways of life. When they lie, cheat and
steal, your friends, neighbors and even family members are prone to learn and thereafter
act in like fashion. In fact, we are products of our environments which is why we should
take care in making sure all such reverberations will be of desirable effect.
The way people are being treated is all truly and completely uncalled for, this is an era we
should all want to end. But there’s a catch, where do we turn when the very figures we’ve
elected and rely on to safeguard such things fail us? Since even the best of well intentioned
politicians are paid, influenced and controlled by lobbyists they become the figures who
often stand squarely in our way.
Therefore, for the most part, anyone who sticks their neck out to do or say something gets
stymied in quagmires of bureaucracy or worse. Our singular voices aren’t commonly heard
and if they are, those that hear them are either powerless or they’re the oppressors
themselves. The proverbial deck is stacked and desperately needs a good reshuffling.
At the end of the day it’s become second nature to accept abuses by shaking them off and
burying our feelings. Nonetheless, these kind of stresses inevitably take a tole on even the
most zen of us, and it shows. There’s a lot of crazy in the world and it filters through to
everyone whether realized or not.
It should be of no surprise that if you’ve ever felt cornered by government or big business,
it’s because you are. And these days, the lines between big biz and big bro are pretty
blurred. Together they’ve got unbelievable amounts of power over each of us especially
now that they’ve teamed up in great part via popular social networks and search engines.
Freedom and democracy are becoming rigged games. How many times have you heard or
stated the words “They’ve got you where they want you” or “funny how that works”?
Rather than hearing alarms in our heads and banding in protest, the common response
these days is to shrug our shoulders and sigh in disappointment. We have nowhere to band
and we’re way too used to it! Powerful entities are constantly invading and pushing all the
limits into more and more areas of our lives.
The unavoidable truth of the matter is that somewhere along the line we got turned
around, back towards being slaves to government systems and prostitutes to the
unstoppable will of big business. People sell out like hopelessly addicted junkies for
anything that sounds free and cave in to asinine rules without resistance. Freedom has
turned into Freedumb.
Unfortunately, with each negative, repeated exposure these problems have gained strength
against us. When we come across them it becomes increasingly normal to have strongly
conditioned, knee jerk reactions of thinking:
• Someone must be working on the problem, it’s sure to go away soon.
• It’s normal or not important enough to fix, everybody just has to put up with it.
• It’s too big, nobody can fix it, much less little old me
• It’s too hard to believe the problem exists, must be a conspiracy theory
Problems that generate these responses are herein defined as “Unthinkable Problems”.
We’ve only touched on a few but in fact, there’s millions. If you listen to your instincts, not
your programming, you’ll begin to realize just how off kilter things really are.
Changing such elemental problems will obviously have profound effects on how we go
forward as individuals and as a civilization. These kind of issues weave into our psyches to
become the very fabric of our lives which is why everyone needs the ability to effect these
kinds of changes. Humanity must strive for good in order to flourish or as many believe, to
even survive.
Unified Numbering does it all while offering significant opportunities and tools for
individuals to get together in taking control and changing our world. We can actually start
making positive strides in the right directions. A tiny little bit at a time is all it takes and
that’s what’s happening right here, right now, with you.
And if you’re not already fired up about the state of the world spend a little time at the
Number University!