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The Do Over Summary
Who wouldn’t like to change the
world? It’s brimmed with atrocities
of war, savagery, oppression and
greed for millennia. But now we
have some newer, more serious
concerns. Human populations have
absolutely exploded sextupling to 7
billion in just a little over a century.
And when we combine 7 times the
people with development that’s
been intentionally created to make
large swaths peoples dependent
upon money and consumerism we
get 7 times the impact to this
amazing planet. The problem is
that’s exactly what the global elite
They are the reason our problems
are growing instead of getting better.
We’re in trouble. While the majority
of humans who would actually like
to do something about it, we’re left
with zero ability to act. It’s a bad
script. How might this turn out?
Well, it’s not looking good right now.
But maybe there’s a way to curb the
problem or begin anew. A gift, one
last chance......
When things go awry the ability to
start over is a beautiful thing, an
occurrence of extraordinarily rare
opportunity. We now have such an
instance, this is it. Unified
Numbering is the right vehicle for
everyday people to actually do
something to change the course of
humanity. It’s time.
Building that vehicle is the first step
and once it’s on the road, we can
succeed. This unifying effort offers
simple yet powerful means for
people to connect and act globally
on things that really matter. It’s big
stuff for sure, but we’ve
accomplished many amazing things
for far lessor rewards. And just
remember this; Without hope,
there is none.
Unified Numbering stands for a
monolithic redo of staggering
possibility. Getting ones head fully
around the project can be an
interesting challenge. But at the
very least, the most important thing
to understand is that it’s quite
plausible this could be our first and
last chance to fix some really big
That means there’s very little room
for small thinking, pessimism or nay
saying. But then there never has
been, nor will there ever be which is
why people drawn to the Unified
Numbering Project are special. Like
all great explorers and leaders, it’s
passion, creativity, positivity and
conviction that consistently wins the
fights and moves entire societies
This is your chance to turn the tides
for the future of humanity and the
world by becoming an optimistic,
free thinking pioneer who believes
mankind can do much better. The
history books are filled with scores
of groups before us who have
propelled mankind forward. Now
it’s our turn.