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Numbering Foundation and
Take Off!
If you’re looking for some full time work or just
something to do on the side, this could be the
opportunity you have been dreaming about.
There are a thousand things to do here but
gathering others to sign up with Unified
Numbering is the primary objective. It’s
also where the brunt of opportunities
exist as well as what’s sure to be a lot
of fun for tens of thousands of people.
There’s several ways that people become
acquainted with the project. Some will simply
happen across our sites while searching the net or possibly hear about us in the media but
the majority will be introduced by word of mouth. It’s those personal communications we
like the best because they get people talking with one and other and that, is in great part
what the Project’s all about. It’s almost unbelievable that in order to do this people have to
train themselves back into understanding that we’re all on the same team.
We are human beings, amazing creatures with vast potential and ability to affect our world
with both positive and negative changes. So much in fact that our future and that of the
world relies solely on what humans do next. And that is solely reliant on our ability to think
and act as one people across all borders and divides. Not everyone is a visionary and no
one person knows it all so asking everyone to fully understand all of the problems we face is
impossible. But thanks to living in this age of information, the wealth of knowledge we
have access to is utterly colossal. It’s all out there and we believe it is the absolute
responsibility of each person living to seek all the knowledge pertinent to the survival and
future of mankind that’s reasonably available to them. Then we must unite to succeed and
for humans unity starts with finding common ground. This is why the subjects of
conversation are those unthinkable problems that practically everyone can relate to.
Issues like spam, telemarketing, junk mail, identity theft, organizational disarray, IDs,
accounts, user names and passwords, invasions of privacy, loss of freedoms, broken
democracies, political corruption, ramped corporate greed, poverty, waste, ignorance and
inequality are all healthy fodder for the Unified Numbering army. They are issues nearly
everyone has adequate knowledge of and are likely to openly agree upon. It’s primarily
these kind of conversations that stand to unite people and they’re the only ones we should
have for now. We’re learning to walk, with each other.
Worn out subjects of argumentative and dividing propensity must be left aside if we are
ever to succeed as a people or a species. It starts with a few unifying successes under our
belts to build more understanding, trust and respect amongst one another. Again, it’s
unthinkable problems that are the very best fuel for this unifying revolution. They’re like
human glue and we need oodles of the stuff like never before. Thankfully, we have it.
So, this is it. A chance to change the world by simply talking to others. Your chance. And it
honestly doesn’t take much. Sign up is quick and simple on line or in person. The only
difference is that the minimum contribution online is $25 where in person is only $5. This
gives a major advantage to people who are actually out talking to others about the Project.
Expecting someone to contribute $5 isn’t tough and it adds up quickly. Just 20 referrals in a
day is $100 which isn’t too shabby but it gets much better, quickly.
Once people who have been referred get their welcome email and become a little more
acquainted with the Project they’re often compelled to go ahead and contribute a little
more for a better Numbername of their choosing. With any contribution of $25 or more
everyone gets a gift pak (Free t-shirt and biz cards with priority shipping). There’s also the
bonus of getting to the “Verified” ID Level, it’s free with any purchase online during phases
II or III. However, probably the most exciting thing is the multiplication factors for
contributions where users receive double, triple or even quadruple their contributions!
Although the additional funds can be used for more expensive Numbernames, this is
primarily being done to promote referrals. Let’s not forget, we must give to receive. And
that’s exactly what happens when users refer others.
Everyone receives commissions on contributions made by those they’ve referred in the
form of credits called Numberbucks. And during The Billion Dollar Phreb, all commissions
are 100% on the first $100! So, if you refer 2 others who come in for $50 each (or 1 w/$100,
4 w/$25, etc) you’ll get $100 in your account to purchase your Numbername! This is just
the start though, there’s more ways to earn Numberbucks and other things to do with them
including turning them into cash. More on this later.
These credits come from a creative fund where ALL contributions are matched dollar for
dollar in Numberbucks which are set aside specifically for this purpose. Compensation
happens automatically during the referral and sign up processes for everyone. It’s an
interesting opportunity which makes it easy for users to recoup their contribution/s in short
order with practically no effort.
Then, after the initial $100 at 100%, users receive 20% commissions with a maximum of
$280 per referred party over any course of time. This can obviously ad up very quickly. And
since there’s no limit on the number of referrals people can perform, the opportunity is
wide open. All referrals and commissions thereto are automatically tracked and accounted
for in the system when users sign other up directly. In the cases where a new user is
referred by word of mouth, each referees’ notation of who referred them is entered in their
account. Everyone is prompted to enter this information one time and compelled to do so
by being offered an extra $5.
Commission based incentives pique the interest of everyone. It makes referring others
fun/worthwhile and is the basis of some significant opportunities with Unified Numbering.
It’s also how we expand the network and fund the Project, the epitome of a win, win which
Trustees can play a large role in. If you know a Trustee, be sure to support them by entering
them as your referrer at sign up. It doesn’t cost you anything, helps the project and others.
And whether someone you’ve referred contributes more that same day or 25 years later,
you will receive 20% in commissions which are automatically credited to your account up to
$280 in commissions per referee. And since the referrer stays on record permanently, these
commissions can really add up. It’s how 1,000 referrals can equal $280,000 in commissions
Although it might sound like a lot, 1,000 referrals isn’t very many. This is especially true
when one considers it could happen all at once via a seminar, fundraiser, town meeting or
even a webinar. And once you’ve got a pile of credits in your account there’s basically only
a couple things you can do with them which both result in income. They can be used to
sign more people up or liquidated by selling them to someone else looking to do the same.
Either option is how you can easily turn your #Bucks into cash.
And as you’ve learned, there’s also a way for people to sign up for free. The only thing we
ask is that the free alternative isn’t abused. It’s the honor system, if someone really can’t
afford $25 online or $5 in person, we as a community say “please, by all means come on in
for free”. And for individuals who are fortunate enough to be able to afford more than $25,
here’s their chance to make a larger impact and get a great Numbername! In the end it’s all
good so long as everyone simply does their part as comfortably as they can afford.
And the only thing more important than you signing up is how many others sign up because
of you. This is where some very exciting opportunities begin. Building Unified Numbering is
designed to be a very personal, person to person endeavor. What this Project stands for
really matters. Absolutely nothing is more important in this world than bringing its people
together. We have to unite to succeed, there is no other way.
So, that in itself is a very good cause to be involved without any other reward. But people
need money to live, there’s just no getting around it. This is why working to build the
network pays and pays well. The marketing structure is designed to make a lot of people
very successful and even more at least happier to have helped.
It’s all about referrals and the commissions generated from them. By simply referring
others everyone can help the Project and succeed at the same time. And with the Billion
Dollar Preb during phase III it’s especially attractive.
Let’s walk through a situation where someone wants to get their Numbername. They’d like
to help out but don’t have $25, a credit card or know anyone they could sign up through for
less. These folks can go ahead and sign up for free online at, where
they’ll be given a PUN to conduct their referrals with.
They go ahead and choose the items to be included in their gift pak by picking their t-shirts
and biz cards which are then ready to ship upon a few successful referrals. At this point,
they’re at ID Level 1 and those at this level are referred to as “Trustees”. The way they end
up getting their Numbernames, Gift Packs and can begin making money is simple.
They tell others about the Project in person, via email, chat, twitter or whatever. And when
those people sign up as being referred by them, the Trustees get commissions on the first
$1,000 that each of the people they’ve referred contribute. These commissions are actually
given to everyone for referring others so the opportunity is equal for all. The only reason
we’re talking about Trustees is because it’s going to be fun seeing those who came in with
nothing come out with something, maybe a lot.
During the Billion Dollar Phreb, the first $100 spent by those for whom anyone is on record
for referring will be matched one for one at 100% in the first $100. Yep, 100% commissions.
Also, when combined contributions of a Trustees referrals total just $45, their gift pack will
automatically ship. How cool is that? These folks didn’t have to spend anything but still get
their free gift paks! That and as many credits as they’re willing to work for to get a nice
Numbername plus a real opportunity to succeed just like everyone else.
It’s arguable that others with more money might have better ability to succeed faster or
more easily. They can afford to rent spaces for meetings, travel, build web sites and use
money to market more but the biggest thing to remember is that by building the network,
we all succeed. And that, is the secret to everything Unified Numbering. The point is that
people that don’t have the extra dough do have the same opportunities.
And for the newbies who can afford spending $25 or more, this is the place and time to do
it. Contributions really add up, especially the larger ones. Stop to consider what 100
million people contributing $25 to the project means. It’s 1.5 billion dollars. But what if the
average contribution were more like the $70 that’s expected, that’s 7 billion dollars that
users will choose how to spend with the Project. And with the 100% on the first $100 plus
the standard 20% commissions, its also 8.126 billion in payouts to the users who help make
it happen.
But that’s just 100 million people at $70 each. The actual playing field is far larger. Once
Unified Numbering has its legs things get pretty exciting for everyone. The first goal is to
put that original $70 average investment back in each persons pockets while doing some
good things. Then people can contribute more for the next issue on the list, maybe $200
this time around with a $500 return. One day this organization controlled 100% by its users
could realistically be funded with many trillions of dollars to accomplish nearly anything
that anyone could possibly imagine.
Unified Numbering users could have more influence over the future of the world than all
the governments and corporations combined. And that is exactly what must occur if
humanity is to succeed. But money is just one source of power, we must also communicate
and decide on world issues as one people.
People will listen to other people when they’re not under threat. Governments and
corporations on the other hand will only listen to people if they are under threat. And
given a large enough group of well connected people, that threat can be very real, it has to
be. That is the steel fist of every successful revolution that ever has or ever will occur.
However as mentioned elsewhere herein, this is an intelligent revolution of the future. One
without bloodshed, violence nor threat thereof which if successful will make it the very first
of its kind in all of history. A model for the 21st century and beyond. We can use money
and influence to solve problems peacefully. The reason being is that our money and votes
are all that matters to those who seek either. Threaten to take away their candy and watch
our desired changes ensue. It’s just that simple.
That said, also be prepared for some tantrums. There is obviously going to be major
opposition from certain individuals, companies and organizations so everyone must take
them with a grain of salt. It’s your freedom, happiness, privacy, information and future at
stake, you don’t have to continue taking their assaults upon you and your rights lightly. Use
all memories of each negative experience you can recall to build a fire in your heart and
you’ll have plenty of motivation for anything that comes. It’s ok to be angry about all the
oppression, thievery, and scheming that’s going on these days. As a matter of fact, it’s
expected and required!
Just know you’re in good company and come on in, try out the database and everything
we’ve came up with so far. Get your Personal Unified Number and secure that perfect
Numbername. Stretch your new democratic legs by voicing your opinion on the first poll at
Numbervote. What you say will be used to create rules, helping us decide what’s important
to focus on and direct monetary expenditures of the Project. And if you’re looking for work,
everyone is welcome so don’t worry about the resume or any interviews, you’re hired!