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Registrars Summary
Unified Numbering has no current
purpose nor goal of more
importance than building a strong
base. This is why uniting people
within the network is an excellent
paying job for users. And those who
excel can become Private Registrars.
Registrars are everyday people who
are not schooled, prepped, picked or
promoted by anyone. It is an
opportunity given based on the level
of ones success with bringing new
users into the network.
Anyone can do it by using Unified
Numberings unique marketing
methods along with simple, fast and
direct payout system. Marketing is
via a refreshing, person to person,
word of mouth manner that’s fair
and honest to all parties. A
throwback to ways of better days.
Those who set out on this path can
make a lot of money on their ways
to becoming Registrars and much
more once established. And then
more again in the form of hefty
bonuses when finished. Registrars
are paid well for their help in
expanding the network for everyone.
When total profits are tallied the
average Registrar will have made
between $2.5 to $4 million dollars
US. All of this could happen in as
little of time as a few weeks or as
much as a few years but either way,
it’s a fast track to success and
security with and for Unified
But since their numbers are based
on populations, there can only be a
limited number of Registrars in
business at any given time around
the globe. This means that
competition will be fierce once
things are under way. But the good
news is that anyone can get started
for free right now. This makes
becoming a Registrar during Phase
III a golden opportunity like no other.