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Providers Summary
There are Service Providers and
Product Providers either of which
may be owned by the house or
privately owned while under
contract with the house. Either way,
they’re both under direction by the
popular will of users. And as with
Registrars, either form of Private
Providers present yet another major
opportunity for people to succeed
with Unified Numbering.
Users will actually want to give the
funds required for establishing or
obtaining many Providerships
because it will benefit them
immensely. Think of everyone
investing $1, $5, $10 or $20 bucks
each to go towards building or
buying businesses that will operate
strictly to benefit themselves as
users of the network. It could be for
a new financial institution, credit
bureau, global identification system,
spam proof email provider, an ad
free social network, .....oh wait,
those are what initial contributions
are being used for right now!
The point is that whatever anyone
contributes to Unified Numbering is
used to build member owned
businesses that exist solely for their
benefit and that of the network
itself (which of course is purely for
their benefit as well). Community
owned businesses are the ultimate
mix of capitalism and networking.
It’s also another example of strength
in numbers but there has never
been anything with this potential
nor aptitude.
The model being used is essentially
that of scores of COOPs, utility
companies and other community
driven businesses in operation
around the world. We’ve just never
had a place to get organized or team
up on this kind of scale. In the end,
pretty much any product or service
being poorly managed or excessively
monetized by existing corporations
is up for grabs to be taken over,
bought or rebuilt by users for the
There’s absolutely no reason that
Unified Numbering couldn’t be the
wealthiest, most powerful, user
owned and controlled entity in the
history of the world. That’s the goal.