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Opportunities Summary
Outside what are referred to as acts
of god, the future of the world lies
solely in the hands of human beings.
No other creature has the power to
change anything.
However, even in this amazing era of
technology and connectivity,
humans are more disabled and
disconnected than ever before.
That problem coupled with the state
of the economy spells opportunity.
The Unified Numbering Project is
coming into existence at a perfect
Expanding the user base to billions
of people across the globe is job one
which equates to work and serious
income for scores of individuals.
Thankfully, absolutely anyone can
take part in this endeavor with
honor and pride because we’re
doing some very good things here.
Also, imagine a job with no boss, no
games, no seniority, no time clock,
no paperwork, no ulterior motives,
no cubicle, no territorial limitations,
no sleazy tactics and no divisive
associations with other entities.
All that and;
• No multilevel marketing or
pyramid schemes
• Zero investment required,
beginning in phase III anyone can
start for free
• No one at the top focused on
getting rich, a first of its kind
• A truly positive endeavor with
really good karma
• Completely fair playing field,
everyone has the same
• Fantastic excuse to meet people
and exchange ideas on real issues
• Opportunity to travel and work
from anywhere in the world
• Chance to make a real difference
for the future of mankind and our
• Instant pay out of commissions in
any form of currency or valuable
items of barter
• Cash business (from direct
• Tons of ground floor opportunities
while expanding into hundreds of
• Completely unique, there’s never
been anything like Unified
• Unlimited market with huge
potential, the possibilities are
endless and;
• This is a product/service for
absolutely everyone plus;
• There’ no competition!