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NumberVote™ Summary
Most democracies of the world are
faint reflections of what people
think they are. They’re actually
plutocracies which are controlled by
money. Nowadays cash is king, big
media controls everything and the
actual will of voters is stifled. Even
in the US, 4 presidents and counting
have been elected against the
popular will of voters. And the
number of bills, laws and issues that
run against popular opinion number
in the thousands. It’s a travesty.
Nearly all the democratic methods
we as citizens rely on have been
manipulated to serve the rich and
the two party political system which
in of itself is rigged. Most don't
realize that equal opposition means
big advertising profits. A 50/50 split
in public opinion is any media
moguls dream come true. By
keeping everyone at odds, they win
big while we the people, lose big.
Candidates for the 2010 midterm
elections in the US spent $4 billion
in their bids to be elected. And in
2009, US lobbyists bought the
affections of our public servants
with nearly $3.5 billion. Also, the 08
US presidential elections tallied $5.6
billion. That’s $13.1 Billion in 2
years. For what? Do we ever get
better, more qualified
representatives? The truth is that
when money has anything to do
with elections or voting of any kind,
there’s something very wrong. You
can be sure that greed, corruption
and many bad things are happening,
there’s no getting around it.
Numbervote is different. It’s based
on an interesting application being
built around Unified Numberings
highly secure and anonymous
identification methods. Initial uses
will span many areas like voting with
family members on where to hold
your next family reunion via Unified
Numberings Social Network called
“AKAme” or deciding which
corporation to overcome and buy
out with network funds from
“OutBank”. Users will even vote on
who the Officers for this Project are,
ongoing. It's how people like you
will control the direction of this
company, its affairs and the use of
its funds, everything really. And
there are hopes for many more uses
outside of the network. Great
The bottom line is that Unified
Numbering is innately the perfect
venue for voting. The identity of
users is verified, there’s no room for
ulterior motives, everyone has equal
say and the reach is global which is
exactly what the world needs. Plus,
there’s no other game in town. So,
there’s a real opportunity here and
perfecting Numbervote will really
pay off. If we do our homework, it
will be used for all kinds of things
outside of the Project, maybe some
really important things that effect