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No Bait, No Switch Summary
Most corporations will do whatever
it takes to add a little more dough to
their bottom lines and it’s always at
the customers expense. They lure
us in with cute, flashy advertising,
free services, introductory specials
and deceptive one liners. They are
fully committed to figuring out ways
to squeeze and corner everyone for
lots of loot.
The problem is that people don’t sit
around talking to each other about
how to get the upper hand on the
businesses they deal with. But
businesses do! It’s a ravenous game
that most don’t even know they’re
playing. Corporate boardrooms and
management are constantly a buzz
with intense discussions of highly
deviant and manipulative planning
of how to shake more money out of
This kind of scheming and conspiring
is in fact much of what officers and
management are paid the big bucks
to do, day in and day out. So, it
works while we as consumers do
nothing but pay and moan. It’s
almost as if we were bred and
taught to perform like slaves.
Conditioned into being good little
consumers who will endure
whatever kinds of unfair tactics
corporatists care to dish out.
Dealing with Unified Numbering will
be a completely different experience
for its users. The best services will
be absolutely free, and up charges
will only occur for secondary, non-
essentials for which the funds
obtained will benefit everyone. And
that’s the idea. What comes around
really does go around when you use
your resources wisely.
And unlike the majority of
companies in existence today, all
monies contributed to Unified
Numbering will not be spent
irresponsibly. This isn’t a game and
being frugal is something we’re
proud of, you will be too.