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Breaking Free
Three kinds of entities control the world;
governments, corporations and individuals.
The first two got together a long time ago,
now it’s OUR turn. For the first time in our
existence we’re building a powerfully
uniting tool just for the job. And there’s no
division, each person of every race, class,
religion, age and political party is invited.
There’s also not any red tape or protesting
required and no one has to give up anything
to have a significant voice and part in what
could become the most important, unifying
instrument in human history. It’s going to
be completely different, highly rewarding
and even fun. You’re breaking free!
Are you tired of schemers who use invasive tactics like Junk Mail, Spam, Telemarketing and
Excessive Advertisements? Have you had enough with Threats of Identity Theft, Lopsided
Rules, Broken Laws, Corporate Domination, Elitism, Dwindling Resources, Environmental
Disasters, Economic Failures, Dysfunctional Governments and Bogus Politics? And are you
one of the tens of millions who have become victim to banking scams, frivolous law suits,
wrongful collections or bogus foreclosures? Are you ready to be chipped like an animal?
And what about the many other highly disturbing, age old problems humanity has left
completely unaddressed well into these days of our supposed modern era? What about
greed, theft, war, addictions, factory farms, murder, rape, hunger, poverty, genocide, racism
and intolerance? Do you feel proud of humanity? Believe it or not, there was a time not so
long ago that most people in the US would have said yes. But that was back around the
1950s during a much simpler and unconnected time. We were rich, strong and full of pride
for fighting and winning the battles that got us to that point. We were united.
But now things have changed. People have become disenfranchised from their countries,
employers, communities and even their families. And it’s not just happening in America,
much of the world is going to crap while we as individuals can do little to nothing about it.
And it’s interesting where it all started. Have you noticed the slow erosion of your
individual rights, loss of privacy and dwindling control over your personal information? Do
you feel like governments and corporations might be getting too much control and
oversight into your personal life? Ever feel cornered by Big Bro or Big Biz?
And what about the “modern” organizational systems we’re forced to use. Do you find
pleasure in being responsible for keeping track of hundreds of different account numbers,
user names, passwords, IDs and various types of addresses? If you answered yes to many
of the questions in the paragraphs above, it’s time to embrace one glorious fact; You’re not
The aforementioned problems and countless more stem from reliance on one sided
identification systems, massive societal disconnect and widespread corruption. As
incredible as it might sound, Unified Numbering addresses ALL of such problems.
It also simplifies life and opens doors to thousands of other extremely useful applications
and opportunities. And it all starts with something as elemental as a different kind of
identifier, but not one of others choosing, one that you create specifically to replace all the
others that have been forced upon you since birth.
Humans realized the value of their identities early on. We’ve used sound, speech, symbols,
letters and numbers in attempts to differentiate ourselves since the beginning of time.
Other species have long attempted to figure it out too, albeit their circumstances and
needs are simple. Dolphins actually name themselves during infancy. A novel idea.
This subject of “personal names” can be interesting. It of course effects everyone so people
around the world have adopted many conventions, customs and laws about names.
However none are globally congruent and this presents major problems for life in this
worldwide world. It also presents a very special circumstance.
We have an incredible opportunity to take the lead and get ahead of Governments and Big
Businesses on a critically important facet of our lives, our identities! Unified Numbering
does this and much more by building a universally accessible community to collaborate on
important concerns, needs, desires, strengths and freedoms of individuals everywhere.
The old status quo is for governments, organizations and businesses to label us with
insignificant pseudonyms from birth to the grave, we have no choice. We’re forced to
accept hundreds of their various nonsensical IDs in multitudes of formats, different lengths,
styles and types. Just think about it, when did you agree to stop being identified by
anything other than your name? And who decided it would be a good idea to let absolutely
anyone assign and link all these numbers and IDs to you?
Worse yet, how is it you’re then expected (ie; forced) to manage all these totally random,
nonsensical 3rd and sometimes 4th party numbers and IDs? And at what point does it
become rational or acceptable to force you to actually refer to yourself with their foreign
identifiers? This makes no sense whatsoever! We’re not even honored the courtesy of
choosing the vast majority of these unwanted pseudonyms.
Juliet recounted the meaningless convention in our given names when she said to Romeo;
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
She was right, a rose is still a rose as is an individual is still an individual. But unfortunately
it’s not that simple in a world with billions of people using various types of symbols,
numbers and letters from hundreds of alphabets and languages to identify each other.
Things get complicated fast.
This and the fact that nearly all identifiers are created to benefit those who supply them
rather than those who must bear them, make the methods and systems currently in place
pretty unattractive. This need not be the case. And that highlights a root problem with our
current identification methods. Like many others, these systems we’re forced to rely on
were brought into existence without the interests of the individuals in mind.
So, like cattle we are repeatedly branded with various identifiers throughout our lives. But
nowadays individuals have lost a couple things they shouldn’t be able to lose; the right to
be distinguished and referred to by identifiers of their choosing, and the right to control
any and all private information related thereto. Consider this frightening irony; We now
live in the age of information, but are losing more and more control over our information
than ever before!
Controlling your identity is the key to controlling your personal info. And if you can take
control of your info, you’re on track to retaking some important inalienable rights.
Straightening out how we manage our identities is a paramount step for regaining a very
essential kind of freedom in this information based world. A rapidly deteriorating freedom
which most wouldn’t have imagined a need for just a hundred years ago. That freedom is
the right to control all of your personal information.
Governments and corporations have no right in knowing EVERYTHING about you, no one
does. This is something we forgot about somewhere during the technological revolution of
the last century but it’s more important now than ever. Unified Numbering starts by
addressing such issues out of the gate then goes on to solve many, many more, and they’re
some biggies.
In the end Unified Numbering is about the unification, emancipation and empowerment of
people everywhere. A tall order by any standard but this network actually simplifies the
process to an unprecedented degree. When people unite in any fashion, implementation
and carrying out of changes for anything important to them is drastically improved.
There are many unique things about Unified Numbering, one being it is a very well
grounded project designed to breed a true “One for All and All for One” mentality.
Everyone is equal with common interests in preserving individuality and personal freedoms
while advancing means for pure democracy in a new setting of world citizenship.
And United IDs themselves aren’t like anything prior. These new identifiers are designed to
be used everywhere for everything we do over our entire lifetimes. They’re what you’ll give
to friends, relatives, governmental agencies, businesses and everyone else in place of your
personal name. It’s the answer to the question everyone’s asked themselves at some point;
“Why do I need all these numbers”?
This is the beginning of a huge, upward shift in the way we manage all of our information.
The words “communicate” and “transact” encapsulate nearly every important function we
perform in our business called life. And both rely on identification processes which stand to
be drastically improved with Unified Numbering, a system made specifically for the task.
With it, users always have complete control over exactly what information other parties
have access to. Only a persons Unified Number, first name and approximate age are
available as public information. Everything else remains private unless users “unlock” bits
and pieces on a per instance, per person/entity basis.
Unified Numbering actually solves tons of important identification related problems people
have been struggling with for centuries. There’s so many refreshing aspects and positive
directions to go with things it can be a little mind boggling, but that’s a good thing.
This is the beginning of a what stands to be a truly expansive and endless endeavor. In this
day and age the values, methodologies and principles behind the Unified Numbering
Project make it one of a kind. The subjects to be illuminated and problems we can solve by
working together touch everyone and everything.
These statements and all others herein are made with no attempt at egotistical grandeur
but rather reverence, conviction and intent. We can make the world a far better place with
only minuscule amounts of effort on the part of each person involved. There is no problem
or issue outside the scope of possibility when people unite with purpose. This truth has
endured with humanity throughout all times.
And like every great accomplishment it all starts with small steps. However, due to Unified
Numberings wide breadth of scope, even small steps tend to be incredibly sizeable to
imagine. It’s the only thing that’s ever been introduced with the innate ability to put an
absolute end to things like spam, junk mail and telemarketing as well as all the other similar
invasions and disappointing annoyances common to this day and age. It’s also the only real
way to overcome corruption and what can only be called; evil.
We really can get rid of all the ridiculous problems facing us. And believe it or not, you can
be part of making it happen, painlessly. Also, unlike privacy laws that only get broken,
Unified Numbering goes farther than anything ever before to eliminate not combat
identification related fraud. The old and growing problem of identity theft stands be
squashed once and for all.
Also worthy of note is that this new network will allow for many unique advancements in
some of the most common functions which nearly everyone performs on a daily basis.
Financial transactions will become safer and simpler both online and in person, business
and personal contacts will be more easily managed for lifelong connections at will,
ownership records of various forms of property will be far better organized, controlled and
People will be able to do all kinds of things in completely new ways. All from specialized,
highly secure environments made possible by the Unified Numbering Network. As you’re
about to learn herein there are many very unique components that break long established
molds of traditional business construct. Many long outdated methodologies can finally be
left to history. One day, it could even change the way we govern ourselves as world citizens.
This is just the beginning, there’s many more reasons you’re going to love Unified
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Many hands make
light work. ~John
Failure to Try is
Trying to Fail ~ Staff
A job worth doing is
worth doing
together.~ Staff
TEAM - Together
Everyone Achieves
More ~ Unknown
Big Successes Always
Hide Behind Big
Problems ~ Staff
Snowballing happens
when snowflakes stick
together ~ Staff
Coming together is a
beginning. Keeping
together is progress.
Working together is
success. ~Henry Ford
None of us is as smart
as all of us. ~Ken
We must all hang
together or most
assuredly we shall
hang separately.
~Benjamin Franklin
Remember upon the
conduct of each
depends the fate of
all. ~Alexander the
If you want to build a
ship, don’t drum up
people together to
collect wood and
don’t assign them
tasks and work, but
rather teach them to
long for the endless
immensity of the sea.
~Antoine de Saint-
United we stand,
divided we fall
commitment to a
group effort - that is
what makes a team
work, a company
work, a society work,
a civilization work.
~Vince Lombardi
Cooperation is the
thorough conviction
that nobody can get
there unless
everybody gets there.
~Virginia Burden
Sticks in a bundle are
~Kenyan Proverb
Everyone can do
something really well.
Never doubt that a
small group of
committed people
can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only
thing that ever has.
~Margaret Meade
Do you want a
collection of brilliant
minds or a brilliant
collection of minds?
~R. Meredith Belbin
Teamplayer: One who
unites others toward
a shared destiny
through sharing
information and
ideas, empowering
others and
developing trust ~
Dennis Kinlaw