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About Us You
The Unified Numbering Project is all about
you, you’re the hero. Unlike all the other
service providers these days, your rights,
dignity and happiness are of more importance
than money or anything it can buy. And also
unlike all the others, you won’t be sold out.
In fact around here money is just another tool
for your success. The more we have the
stronger your fists of steel will become. So,
we’re going to raise billions of dollars to help
you and others like you fight the good fight all
around the world. Then one day, Big Bro, Big
Biz and Big Banks are finally going to have to
come work for us, the people. Their reign of
corruption and lies are finally going to end.
And not a moment too soon, because when it comes to fair play the teeter’s been tottering
against people like you for far too long. It’s gotten so bad that the amount of malfeasance
and corruption in modern governments, businesses and banking is nearly impossible for
most to comprehend. In fact, from a psychological standpoint people simply aren’t hard
wired to freely accept bad news. Especially when that bad news comes in the form of
discovering you’ve been being lied to and cheated out of money, liberties and rights by the
officials you trust and rely upon for nearly everything in your life. That’s where things are.
Accepting the realities of such things leads to anger which in this case isn’t just acceptable,
it’s desirable. The madder you get about being deceived, stolen from and oppressed by
unjust systems and those in power, the better off we all are. This is our time to stand up
and fight in what could very well be the most worthy revolution of modern times. It’s your
chance to change the world and we’ve made it possible for you to do it all from the comfort
and convenience of your PC or phone.
And if you’re not already aware of just how bad things have gotten you’ll want to begin
with educating yourself by watching a couple documentaries at the Number University. It
will reawaken your fighting spirit and spark that innate desire you have for freedom, liberty
and fair play. Once the fire is lit, it’s going to grow unlike ever before. Your powerful lungs
can be put to use in spreading the truth and fanning the flames in the spirits of others who
are already right there behind you. Scores of supporters will be rallying behind you while
you do the same for them. Starting with just five thousand, then millions and one day
billions, we the people will rule our world for the first time in history. All for one, one for all.
The idea is that Big Bro, Big Biz, Big Banks, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big
Media, and all the other “Big BSers” should no longer have all the control over our futures
and that of the world. Right now they do, and that should scare the living hell out of
everyone because they’re completely out of control. It’s the future of mankind and the
world we’re talking about here! There’s obviously nothing of more importance. It’s our
everything, it’s your everything. And those currently at the helm are ruining it, for money.
That said, the question becomes clear, if people like you want to change things where does
one start? Of course many are drawn to the idea of organizing protests like the Tea Party or
Occupy movement. Others of more extremist natures lean towards activities like building
or joining militias and terrorist groups. The problems with those are obvious, in the end,
they don’t work. Sure, people might ruffle a couple feathers and get their opinions heard
but when it’s all said and done, the efforts are mostly for naught. A small victory here and
another there while the opposition runs amuck with only small chinks in their armor.
This is also in part true even in cases involving important overturns of age old dictatorships.
Millions of people have been injured or killed in their attempts at gaining freedom to build
democracies in their countries. What they usually end up with are ineffective, watered
down versions riddled with corruption and more of the same crap they were trying to get
rid of in the first place. It’s all indicative of the enormity and near impossibility of such
challenges. The problem is that once they overthrow the old regimes they quickly find
themselves caged by the bigger monster of world wide, corporate capitalism.
It’s a new age where everything’s for sale and everything’s at risk. And once again don’t
forget that it’s our and your everything being wholesaled. BigBSers are extremely well
organized, connected and funded by their crummy, corporate capitalist activities around
the globe. And there’s the key, we have to change how the world does business. However,
individuals effecting change on a global scale is a relatively new idea. Nonetheless, it’s the
only one that’s got any promise of working. We’ve got to think big, real big.
Surprisingly the best place to start is where your nasty entanglements with BigBSers always
begins. Their rule always starts with the plethora of addresses, passwords, numbers and
accounts they force upon you and everyone along with the many thousands of records and
scores they keep for each of us. These are the elementary links that Big BSers began using
long ago to take control of their world and it worked. Their identifiers are now being used
as one big, collective thumb over you and everyone you know.
While digesting that, one might also begin realizing that the systems we’re forced to rely on
are extremely outdated. They don’t work for you as an individual, only for the BigBsers. In
fact all their systems do for you is leave you exposed to all kinds of unnecessary threats
while complicating your life. Anyone who’s ever lost a wallet or purse full of credit cards, an
address book or phone full of important data knows how fundamentally lame traditional
organizational systems are. They’re fraught with serious problems that result in things like
identity theft and scores of other types of fraud based on use and abuse of personal data.
And these old systems have been used by BigBSers to pave the way for highly sophisticated
tracking, recording and monitoring of nearly everything a person does on a daily basis. And
although many would recount they’ve been told it’s for their own good, the truth is we’re
more than half way down the proverbial slippery slope where privacy in all its forms has
become a ideological concept of ungraspable whimsy. This elemental and highly enjoyable
facet of life and not so everlasting liberty and freedom has nearly faded completely. And
that is obviously really bad news for super heroes like you who depend on certain amounts
of anonymity for their happiness and livelihood.
In terms of privacy, you’re under assault. The creepy part is that you likely don’t even know
it. Or if you do, you’ve already conceded there’s nothing you can do about it. The BigBSers,
hold all the cards, they are the puppeteers and the way they got there it is pretty ingenious.
Slowly and methodically, creeps do creep. Many of their advancements have been
happening over the course of the last century while increasingly more have borne of late.
It’s due to amazing new technologies, with them they’ve found some real privacy crushing,
sheople wranglin’ gems. And now they’re creating their very own laws to make them legal.
Tightening their grip on the internet and all forms of media serves them well. Whenever
you hear a Big BSer saying something like “This is to Protect, Help or Serve You” you can
only be sure of one thing, you’re going to be losing more money, liberties or freedoms. A
little at a time adds up to where huge chunks of your god given rights and personages are
gone, leaving only well trained consumers and pawns for the almighty elitist powers that be.
In the U.S. 9/11 has been used to this extent repeatedly and successfully thereby stripping
Americans of fundamental rights long thought to be guaranteed by their constitution.
Authorities can now enter your home without your knowledge or ok, tap your phones and
even arrest you without a court order. All to keep you safe from the scary Muslim terrorists
even though 9 out of 10 terrorist acts in the US are carried out by Americans, mostly
Christians. Nothing is what it seems anymore, governments are out of control.
The U.S. TSA is a good example. For 2012, it will be an eight billion dollar crock of BS. What
could “we” do with that eight billion (8,000 million) dollars? Do you think we could simply
educate airline passengers to band together on flights to protect ourselves? And it’s not
just about the waste of money, they’ve forced hundreds of millions of innocent people to
succumb to highly invasive full body searches and x-ray scans well known to cause cancer.
But that’s just the injurious parts.
The true cost of these kind of gaffs come in the form of blatant insults designed to weaken
the will of the masses. The more we’ll take, the more we’ll take. It’s a theme you might
notice in thousands of areas of your life these days and some of the methods used are truly
amazing and disturbing. Have you ever wondered why some things are just so back ass
wards? Whether it be commercial bathroom doors that open inward making it impossible
for employees to go back to work with clean hands or well known conspiracies like the
patent scooping of revolutionary things like rotary and water vapor engines to cancer
curing drugs/treatments.
There’s a lot of very real things that have and continue to happen that make absolutely no
sense. The list of these kind of outrageous and unbelievable conspiracies is plenty long
even after attempts to suppress them to the best extent possible by those who profited
therefrom. And then there’s the virtually never ending list of ridiculous laws, rules and
And there’s no end to how much the BigBSers would like to dish out. They are constantly
seeking to gain more and more control over you and everyone. Individuals are nothing
more than peasants with dollar signs on their foreheads likened to a new form of slaves. If
you don’t believe it just stop to consider how much disrespect they’re doling out. And it
often comes in the form of what they take.
It’s now totally common for Banksters to get your fingerprints and nearly every corporation
records your voice “for quality assurance.” They’re taking invasive, close up pictures of you
everywhere which can now be used with extreme accuracy to identify you from long
distances with facial recognition software. GPS tracking is widespread and now they want
us to carry magnetic IDs that can be tracked from space.
The great overhead abyss once left for stars is humming with advanced surveillance. In fact
satellites are taking pictures of your house, pets and family members on a daily basis and it
doesn’t even matter if it’s night time anymore. Retina scans are a reality and many entities
are even beginning to collect your DNA. What once was used to scare you in a futuristic
horror movie is now real and could easily be far more horrifying.
The disturbing truth is that you, like everyone are under extremely heavy surveillance
unlike any time in history. Governments and businesses use absolutely everything at their
disposal to watch and track everyone which unfortunately now includes the internet. With
it’s many communications and addressing capabilities the net has quickly became the tool
of all tracking tools, enabled by processes completely out of your control.
It’s all happening to billions of people like you right now and getting worse with no end in
sight. And the only reason this is true is because those at the top have managed to
convince you and everyone else on the planet that certain privacies, freedoms and liberties
are not yours to keep. But they are. You deserve all the privacy, freedom and liberty that’s
reasonably available to you while living in a civilized society. The more you have the
happier you’ll be. That’s what millions of our forefathers fought and died for.
Yet even proud and patriotic citizens of a country like the United States famous for its
supposed freedom and powerful democracy are mostly helpless in effecting change. If
you’re a US citizen you likely already feel that your democracy has turned into a joke.
Elections are now more like big circus events with billions of dollars spent by billionaires
and heads of international corporations to buy the loyalties of our elected officials. Of
course that makes them political whores and whether they’re left, right, liberal or
conservative makes no difference. Very few have clean hands, everything including our
dreams are for sale. In the end, it’s turned out that we the sheople, have no control.
And there’s no lack of irony in the fact that Americans are the most willing of slaves to the
corporate capitalist agenda. Trained like monkeys, most Americans are nothing more than
ignorant pawns. American democracy is as dead as Kennedy and we the people are the
only ones to blame. It was times like these that sparked absolute defiance from our
forefathers. While they took up arms and fought to the death, we do nothing which
includes not voting.
In fact, at around 56% the US has some of the lowest voter turnout of any democracy in the
world. And the reason for this is simple; people like you are increasingly losing trust in the
oldest and most established democratic system in the world. Everyone knows deep down
that most of the voting done these days is just a farce. Preconceived outcomes are bought
and paid for, corporations win and the people lose. Indeed, 94% of wins go to the best
funded candidates. Which means they’re bought and we’re sold long before election day.
The truth is that virtually all democracies need a major reset, preferably one with plenty of
built in assurances to keep things on the up and up permanently. And that’s why you’re
here. We want you to have an outlet for your superpowers to work. Unified Numbering is
designed to make it easy for you. It’s the perfect venue for your powerful lungs, use them
to spread the truth and fire up the spirits of others like you.
And not unlike what you’re used to with that x-ray vision, we want you to demand
transparency in everything. Nothing less is acceptable. Not in government, finance or
business related dealings of any kind, including those of Unified Numbering. Nothing will
ever be hidden within this network because people like you will be it’s sole controllers.
So this really is about you and more importantly, it’s for you. It’s time for you to reclaim
your freedom and set forth towards a better, fairer more natural and meaningful way of life
while changing the future of humanity. Together, we’re building a pure democracy as it was
always intended and portrayed. But this time, for the first time, this democracy is world
wide and everyone is invited. Regardless of what religion they practice, how old they are,
what color their skin is, which political party they support, where they’re from, how they
choose to live or anything really.